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GAFFER media

Gaffer Media utilizes arts-based experiences to help students understand their story in Christ and communicate that story. Our initial focus has been on film production and the various processes associated with this art form. In 2020, Gaffer Media will be adding after-school programing and adding various other forms of media including painting, stage lighting, sound, and live online broadcasting.

​Meeting Community Need
Through Youth-Arts Programming

6555 N Piqua Rd

Decatur IN, 46733



Utilizing the arts, Gaffer Media meets a variety of spiritual, social, emotional, educational, and vocational needs among students within our community. Not only are students allowed to explore their relationship to God, but they are also able to develop specific skills that will lead them to a life of leadership and success. 


Our primary goal is to raise up students who are strong Christian community leaders who can communicate well. We are confident that this effort will raise the quality of life in Decatur and the surrounding communities. Gaffer Media represents one of the first fully functioning faith-based youth-arts programs in our community, and one of only a few film production program among the various youth-arts programs available.

​15-Month Feature Film Production Program

Beginning in March 2016, running through May 2017 Gaffer Media produced a  theatre quality full feature film, Two Steps From Hope.  This 15-month project focussed on using the experience of a full-feature film production to help students explore what it means to be a follower of Christ, and how to communicate that story through the arts. This program is an excellent example of our belief that students have a compelling story to tell and are capable of excellence when guided by caring professionals who believe in their capacity.

In the end Gaffer Students produced a full-feature film that was awarded 4 out of 5 doves by the Dove Foundation, was awarded a DVD distribution contract, and is now available in both English and Spanish as well as available on Amazon in both digital and DVD form.  Amazon Prime Members can watch online for Free.

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